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  • The George Washington Institute for Spirituality & Health (GWish) Turns 20 and Honors Trace Haythorn with the GWish Award for Excellence in Interprofessional Spiritual Care!

    Sep 24, 2021

    Since 2001, The George Washington University Institute for Spirituality & Health (GWish) has been dedicated to creating a new model of global healthcare that recognizes spiritual health as an essential domain of patient-centered care. “Too often, healthcare systems fail to recognize the value of chaplains as critical to optimally addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient,” says GWish Founder and Executive Director Christina Puchalski, MD, MS, FACP, FAAHPM. “From day one, GWish has worked closely with chaplains, fostering collaboration and partnership between chaplains and the clinical team. Unequivocally, without a chaplain involved, the healthcare team is incomplete.”

  • Miguel looking at camera

    Sep 15, 2021

    Summer 2004 I was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I remember that time as a time of celebration, awe, and inspiration. I felt overwhelmed in many ways. It was a sacred time in which I experienced the amazing support of my family, friends, and church community. I know that a lot of meaningful and loving words were said that day. However, I only remember one thing, one statement made by my pastor and mentor, the person who preached that Pentecost Sunday afternoon… Miguel, he said, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Frank’s statement caught me off guard and I wasn’t sure what he meant. Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons it is the only thing I remember from all the wonderful things that were said that day… Thank goodness for CPE that has helped me see and understand more of what I needed and still need to hear from those words!

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    Navigating the Cracks in our Mutual, Rapidly Changing Path

    Sep 15, 2021

    Last week, I went for a run early one morning. I’ve been running this route for almost 14 years, and I feel like I can almost complete the run with my eyes closed. Of course, it is when we get too comfortable that we can trip – figuratively and literally. With all of the rain we’ve had in our area, the sidewalk had buckled, creating a new crack, and I didn’t see it. Ouch.

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    Thinking Creatively to Provide Sustenance

    Sep 13, 2021

    As a very part-time contract worker in a local community hospital, I was surprised when I walked into the hospital last week and discovered a new wall had gone up blocking half of the hospital lobby. It turns out that “extra” lobby space had been partitioned off to make room for 12 additional ED beds. Having been present over the summer for the rising COVID hospitalization rates, the growing stress on staff and resources, and the regular ED diversions, this new wall was not altogether surprising. But it was nevertheless a visual jolt. It was a reminder of the gravity of the current situation, and of the resourcefulness and ingenuity that has marked much of the last year and a half.

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    For your professional ethics edification in September

    Sep 8, 2021

    Once a month the ACPE Professional Ethics Commission (PEC) posts a couple of statements from our Code of Professional Ethics for ACPE Members. Each posting is accompanied by a brief personal reflection from a member of the PEC discussing some ways this person lives these commitments