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    Help ACPE Raise $10,000 on Giving Tuesday

    Nov 20, 2020

    It seems like a decade ago since I assumed the role of 2020 annual campaign chair. The emotional stress, physical setbacks, social/political unrest and spiritual demands bought about in 2020 has made this year go down in history as unprecedented. Indeed, our lives have changed forever.

  • Certification: Congratulations to the Newly Certified!

    Nov 15, 2020

    We want to extend a warm congratulations to the ACPE Certified Associate Educators and Certified Educators who passed their virtual sub-committee meetings.

  • ACPE 2020 Leadership Election Results

    Nov 15, 2020

    Thank you to all the members who participated in the 2020 ACPE Election! 740 (40.6%) of 1821 electors voted in this ballot. The election results have been reviewed by ACPE Chair-Elect/Leadership Development Chair Shawn Mai and ACPE Secretary/Treasurer Linda Wilkerson.

  • It is the Light in Us

    Nov 13, 2020

    Do you remember two weeks ago? It was the day before the election. Does it feel like a lifetime ago? How many lifetimes have we lived during the pandemic? And what does our future hold?

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    Next ACPE SIP Trainer Training in February

    Nov 11, 2020

    ACPE’s Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Program will offer its second SIP Trainer Training February 19-20, 2021 (Friday-Saturday), via Zoom. Read on for more information.

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    Embracing the Mystery

    Nov 6, 2020

    Over the last month, I have leaned into uncertainty with a joyous diversion: a mystery knit along. My grandmother taught me to knit as a child, and over the years it has brought lots of extraordinary gifts into my life: good fiber friends, opportunities for challenge and learning, a sense of satisfaction that comes from working with my hands, and grounding in the physical world as a counterweight to professional life in the spiritual.

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    The World is Constantly Changing and so must ACPE

    Nov 2, 2020

    I hope that many of you have already exercised your right to vote and cast your ballot as you saw fit. For those who may have, for whatever reason, postponed or been hesitant to vote, I hope you will discover or summon greater resolution and go out tomorrow and let your choices be known. The ACPE staff have been extended the opportunity to vote during the workday at no loss of pay. To further support them and the communities in which they live, some of the staff have received paid time off to be poll workers. They are committed to their communities and their state.