ACPE Resource Pool and Contracts

Persons Available for Interim or Contract Supervisor Positions

Disclaimer: ACPE, Inc. will only list ACPE Certified Associates and ACPE Certified Educators and approved International Guest Supervisors. This listing does not imply that any additional verification is offered by ACPE as to the individual's experience, employment history or areas of expertise. Any negotiations or agreements arising out of these listings are solely between the individual and the employer.

Sonja Anderson, ACPE Certified Educator    
Pensacola, FL
Ph: (218) 349-1571
Available for hybrid or online CPE. Winter, Summer, Extended, Fall

Imam Taalib-ud-Din al-Ansare, ACPE Certified Educator    
8025 Manning Avenue, Raytown, MO 64138
Ph: (816) 313-9560 or Cell: (816) 286-3401
Available for contract, interim, or permanent supervisory position.

Estuardo Bazini-BarakatBilingual ACPE Certified Educator
6353 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Ph: (213) 926-9985
Available for contract or interim supervision. English & Spanish skills. 

Rene Brandt, ACPE Certified Educator 
3015 Indianwood Rd, Wilmette, IL 60091
Ph: (847) 942-4940 (cell) 
Available for Contract Supervision

Chaplain James B. Browning, M.Div, Retired ACPE Certified Educator, BCC
606 East Durham St., Philadelphia, PA 19119
Ph: (215) 200-5054
Available for Interim and Contract Supervision both in person and online

Stephan Brunelle, ACPE Certified Educator
217 E 8th St, Davis, CA 95616. 
Ph: (608) 399-4319
Available for contract, distance, hybrid

Beth Burbank, ACPE Certified Educator
819 N. Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Ph: (773) 608-9132
Available for interim or contract positions.

David Carl, ACPE Certified Educator 

Ph: (704) 457-0646


Rev. Adriana P. Cavina, DMin, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
Indianapolis, IN
Ph: (602) 327-2453
Available for interim and contract supervision, both in person and online.

Thomas J. Chirdo, ACPE Certified Educator
Philadelphia, PA
Ph: (215) 335-6002
Available for interim and contract supervision

Allen J. Dundek, ACPE Certified Educator
Saint Paul, MN
Available for contract education in the upper midwest or occasional travel. Experience with videoconference modalities for seminar and individual meetings.

Rev. Edith Finsaadal, ACPE Certified Educator
6715 N. Hiawatha Ave., Chicago, IL 60646
Ph: 773-706-9211
Available for interim and contract supervision in person and online. Experienced with multi-cultural supervision.

Rev. Mary M. Foley, D, Min., BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
Asheville, North Carolina
Ph: (262) 212-2262
Available for contract supervision or remote work.

Bonnie ForsmanACPE Certified Educator
Eagan, MN
Cell: (330) 329-1202
Available for contract supervision. Expertise in trauma and it’s impact on the nervous system through Trauma Institute’s three-year Somatic Experiencing training program.

Robert C. Freeman, Jr., Retired ACPE Certified Educator
8227 Clermont St, Tampa, FL 33687
Ph: (205) 492-0132
Available for contract and interim supervision preferably in the southeast U.S.

John Gillman, Ph.D., ACPE Certified Educator
San Diego, CA 92111
Ph: (858) 207-8863
Available for interim and contract supervision.

Chaplain Paula D. Gold, Ph.D, M.Div., Retired ACPE Certified Educator
306 SW 19th Street Terrace, Blue Springs, MO 64015
Ph: (816) 427-5486 or Cell: (816) 929-0771
Available for interim or contract supervision.

Rev. Stephen K. Goss, ACPE Certified Educator
4312 Willow Bend Drive, Arlington, TX 76017
Ph: (757) 752-1149 
Effective September 2021. Available for all levels of CPE. 

Rev. Robert W. Green, M.Div., Retired ACPE Certified Educator
3801 Ashford Ct., Columbia, MO 65203
Ph: (573) 446-0692 or Cell: (515) 783-9868 
Available for interim or contract supervision and accreditation consultation.

Olen H. Grubbs, Retired ACPE Certified Educator
2050 Belleau Village Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Ph: (423) 364-9205
Available for interim and contract supervision/consultation.

Julie Hanada, ACPE Certified Educator
San Francisco, CA
Cell: (206) 715-4942
Available for interim and contract supervision/consultation.

Cathy Hasty, ACPE Certified Educator, AAPC Diplomate, LPCS 
Charlotte, NC  
Ph: (704) 334-7543
Available for consultation for CEC and Associate Educators.

MaryBeth Hayes, ACPE Certified Educator
2991 Lowrance Dr, Decatur, GA 30033
Cell: (401) 965-0519
Available for contract/ interim supervision, in person and long distance learning modalities, accreditation/CEC consultation or assistance

Rev. Dr. Edgar “Ed” W. Hennig, ACPE Certified Educator
2514 Buffalo Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Ph: (601) 405-5553
Available for interim or contract supervisory positions.

Rev. Dr. Inba Joshua Inbarasu. D.Min, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
8509 S 103rd Street, LaVista, NE 68128
Ph: (402) 547-0534
Available for contract, Interim, or permanent supervisory position.

Beth Jackson-Jordan, EdD, MDiv, ACPE Certified Educator, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
7 Fairfield Drive, Avondale Estates, GA, 30002
Ph: 704-816-9105
Available for contract or interim educator position for in person, hybrid or online for all levels of CPE including CEC consultation. Certified by the Trauma Resource Institute to teach the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) of trauma informed care.

Rev. Peter G. Keese, ACPE Certified Educator 
905 Chateaugay Rd, Knoxville, TN 37923
Ph: (865) 660-0196

Dr. Yoke Lye Kwong, MA, D.Min., BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
Ph: 317.965.7161
Available for interim and contract supervision

Rev. Oliver T Lee, ACPE Certified Educator
5120 Golden Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76123
Ph: (504) 432-4160 or home (817) 386-3210
Available for contract position , Interim position and permanent Educator position.

Susan S. Liguori, MBA, MDIV, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
3 Contentment Island Rd, Darien, CT 06820
Ph: (203) 918-0167
Available for interim or contract Supervision. 

Sally Pelinka Miller, ACPE Certified Educator, BCC
Chicagoland, Illinois
(630) 682-5996
Available for interim and contract supervision, both in-person and online units.

Rev. Keri Olsen Paget, M.Div. ACPE Certified Educator
Los Angeles, CA
(951) 692-0183
Available for interim and contract supervision in-person (within the Los Angeles Area) or hybrid and remote learning anywhere in the U.S.

Nancy Osborne, ACPE Certified Educator 
Asheville, NC
Ph: (919) 389-3811
Available for interim/contract supervision for in person/on-site or remote learning.

Rev. Robert Petite, D.Min., ACPE Certified Educator Emeritus
4717 South Greenwood Ave., Unit 1, Chicago, IL 60615
Ph: (773) 416-8190

James Pfeiffer, ACPE Certified Educator
Ph: (610) 207-1252 
Indianapolis, Indiana
Available for: In-person or remote contract-based CPE supervision and consultation on accreditation matters, including portfolio.


Chaplain Alicia D. Po Ching, M.Div, ACPE Certified Educator, BCC
Dallas, TX
Phone: 816-263-1923

Available for interim and contract supervision


Rev. Robert A. Renix, D.Min, BCC (APC & NAVAC), ACPE Certified Educator
Dallas, TX
Ph: (202) 321-7159

Available for interim and contract supervision

Rabbi Rochelle Robins, ACPE Certified Educator    
Los Angeles, CA.
Ph: (619) 719-3076
Available for interim and contract supervision. Will consider travel and temporary relocation. 

Michael Schirmacher, Retired ACPE Certified Educator
MEX69471 Unit 1M; 2250 114th Ave NW; Miami, FL 33172
Ph: (52) 322-303-3916
Available for interim/contract CPE supervision; accreditation/SES consultation or assistance.

Rabbi Yael Shmilovitz, ACPE Certified Educator
New York, NY 10010
Available for contract, interim, permanent supervisory position, accreditation consultation, CEC supervision.

Rev. Dana C.J. Schroeder, M.Div., BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
Chicagoland, Illinois
Available for interim and contract supervision for in-person or remote learning.


Rev. Whit Stodghill, M.Div., BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
138 S. Crestmoor Avenue, Louisville KY
Ph: (502) 419-8156
Available for interim or contract work

Rhoda Toperzer, ACPE Certified Educator
Ph: 215-849-8973
Available for Interim or Contract, on-site or remote. Prefer the Eastern US or Southwest: Austin, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, San Diego/Los Angeles, California. Amenable to permanent.

Chaplain John Valentino - Retired ACPE Certified Educator
6516 Basket Weaver Ave., NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
Ph: (610) 730-5134
Available for interim or contract supervision. 

Joe Viti, ACPE Certified Educator 
222 West Garwood Drive, Tallmadge, Ohio 4427
Ph: (330) 413-5864

Available for onsite or distance learning options.

Keith Wakefield, ACPE Certified Educator
Ph: (650 649-9096

Available for Interim and Contract Supervision of Level I/II in Online settings


Rev. Leslie Young-WardACPE Certified Educator
107 Greenville Street , Abbeville, SC 29620
Ph: (267) 261-4852
Experienced in long-term contract supervision with specialization in virtual supervision.  Able to work with Level 1 and 2, Residents, Externs, and Interns.  

Beth Newton WatsonM.Div., BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
327 Melrose Avenue, Greencastle, IN 46135
Ph: (765) 301-0087

Katy Wilcox, ACPE Certified Educator
205 Great Swamp Road, Glastonbury, CT  06033
Ph: (860) 670-6682
Available for contract on-site or distance learning supervision.

Rev. Tracey Wilkinson, ACPE Certified Educator
W5323 Garden Drive, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Ph: 920-273-9711
Available for interim and contract supervision, both in-person and online units 

Rev. Linda Wilkerson, ACPE Certified Educator
5427 Fannie St., Dallas, TX 75212
Ph: 214-724-6149; please leave a detailed voice mail or text message

Effective January 2023. Available for contract education or interim positions with all levels of CPE. Experienced in department leadership and assisting CPE programs and Spiritual Care departments in challenging situations.

Trina Leshay Williams, DMin, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator, 
Ph: (619) 838-7881 San Diego, CA
Available for interim and contract supervision, both in-person and online units. Experienced with multi-cultural and international supervision. 


Rev. Dr. Patricia Wilson-Cone, ACPE Certified Educator
3063 Armstrong Circle Unit A
JBER, AK 99506
Ph: 786-417-8804
Contract and Interim positions

Tammy S. Wooliver, ACPE Certified Educator
106 S. Monroe St., Ada, OK 74820
Cell: 405-708-3229

Available for remote/long-distance learning modalities, all Levels of CPE

1130 N Jamestown Road, Decatur, GA. 30033 
Ph: 770-598-1224 
Available for in-person or virtual contract work.



Contract ACPE Certified Educator (Sample Contract)

More information:

  • The sample contract is a template for centers to adapt as necessary for their business model, location, etc.
  • The $500 dues reimbursement is recommended for people who are retired or not currently employed at a CPE site.
  • The sample contract does not take into consideration the cost of benefits in determining salary.
  • Salary is determined by the center taking into consideration, years of experience, length of the contract, cost of living in the area, travel, etc.