Events Calendar

  • 8:46 Webinar Series

    An effort of the Advocacy Committee, the Anti-Bias Task-Force, and members of the Curriculum Committee, ACPE is pleased to offer educators this series of eight content-rich webinars on topics related to race and our work as caregivers and educators. These offerings have been carefully curated so that educators might offer them as didactics with student groups.

  • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy for Racial Justice

    Our country once again finds itself at a painful inflection point in its ongoing struggle with the legacy of slavery and racial prejudice. The pains and fears of this historical moment come into the consulting room through the lives of clients and therapists alike. For therapists working at the intersection of spirituality and psychology, the healing of individuals and the healing of society form twin goals that do not always mesh easily. 3 NBCC CE Credits

  • The Gathering of Spiritually Integrated Practitioners

    During this time of radical transition and heightened uncertainties, we feel especially called to maintain our connections and offer our annual workshops, training, and support. We invite you to join us as we come together for learning, relating, and moving forward together into this new frontier. 10:45 NBCC CE Credits, GAMFT CE Credits and GSCSW CE Credits

  • Central States Consortia Fall Gathering

    Exploring curriculum that prepares CPE interns, residents, and CECs for providing spiritual assessments, interventions, and care that is relevant and proactive in a time of pandemic and civil unrest.

  • Cody looking at camera and smiling
    LGBTQ Suicide and Care for the Souls of Queer Folk

    This lecture will explore insights derived from qualitative research with LGBTQ suicide survivors. First-person narrative accounts of suicide attempt and survival will help develop a robust picture of suicide experience for LGBTQ people for whom suicide becomes a thinkable option. Sanders will offer specific attention to how religious and spiritual traditions and practices become contributing factors in LGBTQ suicide experience and how religious and spiritual sources can be leveraged as sources of strength and resilience for LGBTQ people. 2 NBCC CE Hours

  • a mural of two multi colored hands open to the sky
    The Skill of Forgiveness

    This CE opportunity is presented by Rev. Martin W. Phillips, LPC