Accreditation Fee Structure


One Time Fees to Begin Accreditation Process

What is it called?


What is it for?When is it paid?What is the fee?

Provisional Accreditation Application Fee



when a prospective CPE center wishes to enter the accreditation process without a satellite relationshipupon initiation of the accreditation process$500

Satellite to provisional accreditation fee 


when an existing satellite has completed the requirements and wants to be provisionally accreditedupon initiation of the process of becoming a provisionally accredited center$350

Change in Accredited Member Status Fee


when an accredited center wishes to change its accredited member status outside of its regular review cycleupon initiation of the process

$350 +

$100 for each site


Ongoing Accreditation Fees

What is it called?


What is it for?When is it paid?What is the fee?

Center Membership Dues


annual membership duesas part of the yearly billing cycle

$2,000 base +

$500 for each site


Accreditation Fee


certification, ongoing oversight and storage of student unit feesbilled quarterly based on the number of student units at the centervaries

Additional Accreditation Fees

What is it called?What is it for?When is it paid?What is the fee?

Accreditation Postponement Fee


a center that wishes to seek a postponement of their 6 year review

paid upon initation of the request and due regardless of the decision of the Commission



Second Review Fee


a center reschedules a site visit within 45 days of the scheduled visit or if a National Site Team Chair is forced to reschedule a visit due to inadequate materialsupon invoicing and prior to the site visit taking place$500