Social Media Policy

By participating on any ACPE owned or managed social media, you are agreeing to follow the rules and guidelines below. ACPE administrators reserve the right to remove any posts, comments or members that do not adhere to these policies. The ACPE asks that all members follow the below guidelines when participating on ACPE social media:


  1. Please keep the topics and posts here relevant to the profession of spiritual care, CPE, and chaplaincy. Yes there are non-spiritual care related issues that affect us-but this is not the only place for folks to read about them.
  2. We encourage our members to share content such as articles, resources, stories, photos, or questions that reflect our work as spiritual care providers and educators. We assume that anyone sharing these things has the right to do so and has permission of the photographed individuals. Do not post photos you do not have permission to post, including photos of children without the permission of a parent or guardian. HIPAA regulations must be strictly adhered to. Multiple posts on the same publication, program or service are not allowed, nor are advertisements (including job posts) and promotional content.
  3. All members of this group must abide by the ACPE Code of Ethics regardless if they are a member of the ACPE or not.
  4. Posting about specific ethics, certification or accreditation processes violates the privacy of persons identifiable and is not permitted.
  5. Hate and discriminatory speech against another’s race, religion, culture, sexual identity or gender identity will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate removal from this page.
  6. Be polite and courteous with each other. Disagreements will occur, but excessive name calling, profanity, “fighting words,” attacks on one’s character and bullying will not be tolerated. If a conversation thread becomes volatile, the Admins reserve the right to turn off commenting for the post.
  7. This page is about building up the ACPE and the profession itself, not tearing it or other organizations down. The ACPE welcomes constructive feedback, but we reserve the right to remove any comments that are inappropriate due to foul language, attacking in nature, unsupported accusations, misleading, disparaging, or untrue information about the ACPE or any other individual, group or organization.
  8. For specific questions, concerns and complaints about the ACPE and its policies and procedures, please email us at This will allow these issues to be more clearly brought to our attention, and we are better equipped to address them one on one with you.
  9. If you are uncomfortable with posts or comments on this page, please report it to the Admins. You can also report a thread itself by going to the top of the thread, clicking on the down-carrot, and selecting "Report to Admin". This will notify the Admins that there is an issue with the post.
  10. We reserve the right to remove content posted to ACPE’s social media pages that violates these guidelines.
  11. We reserve the right to remove members from the ACPE social media groups and/or pages who repeatedly violate these guidelines.

The ACPE Board of Directors adopted the Social Media Policy on November 14, 2017.