Strategic Initiatives

1. The public recognizes the need for and seeks out quality providers of spiritual/human-centered care.
  • Increase financial resources.
  • Increase clarity of messages.
  • Increase the number of quality providers.
  • Increase strategic partnerships.
  • Increase awareness of shared values.
2. Providers understand and integrate spiritual care methodology into their practices in all settings.
  • Increase awareness, visibility and clarity of ACPE message about ACPE and CPE education.
  • Increase research opportunities and publications.
  • Increase buy-in from authorities within centers’ infrastructures.
  • Increase grant funds.
  • Increase links to patient experience.
  • Identify ACPE infrastructure needs/capacity.
  • Reduce national face-to-face meetings in number and duration.
3. ACPE’s educational reach is worldwide, providing more ACPE training/certification/instruction than any other source.
  • Increase financial reserves/endowment funds.
  • Increase human resources.
  • Increase awareness of ACPE offerings and consolidate messaging.
  • Pursue outside accreditation.
  • Increase collaboration.
  • Increase public advocacy.

Adopted by the Board of Directors in August 2017