Implementation Workgroup Election

Written by Shawn Mai, Chair, Leadership Development Committee

Shawn looking at the camera smiling

Colleagues, we are blessed. Our association is full of talented and passionate members. The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) received a great response to our call to serve on the Implementation Workgroup. Regardless of the election outcome, ACPE will be well represented in our continued conversations with APC.

Since July 8, the LDC has been reviewing the applications and speaking with the candidates to ensure they meet the requirements, understand the commitments, and are in good standing. I am grateful for my fellow committee members’ diligence and dedication to their task. Thank you, Mary Browne, Saundra Casey, Pamela Lazor, Jill Rasmussen-Baker, and Satoe Soga.

ACPE members will elect eight representatives to work with eight APC members to draft the bylaws, a governance structure, membership categories, and staffing requirements of a consolidated organization. ACPE’s representatives will include at least five Certified Educators and three Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapists/Practitioners. Throughout the workgroup’s process, they will gather input from the members via study documents and town halls. Currently, we expect the members will vote on the final proposal in the spring of 2022.

Below is a timeline for the election of the Implementation Workgroup:

August 2              Sample ballots published in the newsletter, website, and SharePoint.

August 11            Polls open.

August 25            Polls close.

August 30            Election results published in the newsletter, website, and SharePoint.

The LDC welcomes your feedback and questions regarding our election process. Please email me at As always, thank you for your commitment to our association’s future. We are truly fortunate to have a highly engaged and informed membership.

ACPE Certified Educator Shawn Mai is the Chair of the Leadership Development Committee and he can be reached at