ACPE Foundation Mission
The mission of the ACPE Foundation is to secure funding that supports the mission and promotes innovative developments of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc (ACPE). The foundation is responsible for development of financial resources, management of the endowment and safeguarding of ACPE assets.

The 2022 ACPE Foundation Grants Cycle is now open!

The ACPE Foundation is excited to announce our expanded grants program to support initiatives that advance justice, diversity, equity and inclusion within ACPE. Through prudent management over the years, the ACPE Foundation endowment has grown so that we now have significantly more funds available to support strategic priority areas for ACPE.

Until now, available awards were between $10,000 and $20,000. Starting this year, we will grant up to $300,000 to support projects that align with ACPE’s commitment to being an anti-racist organization and that advance ACPE’s leadership as the gold standard in spiritual care & education.

The ACPE Foundation will announce the next grants cycle in Winter 2022 to support projects that advance ACPE’s justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the following areas. Please look out for this announcement!


ACPE Hemenway Scholars: Summer Stipend Support for Students – up to $60,000 annually

Purpose: Named in honor of Joan Hemenway, a pillar of the association, this opportunity recognizes the significant financial burdens of some ACPE students. ACPE will provide $2,000 stipends to up to 30 summer ACPE students to support housing, offset the educational debt, living expense, etc.

Eligibility: Any student fully accepted into an ACPE accredited program or accredited spiritually integrated psychotherapy program.

ACPE Boisen Scholars: Professional Development Support for Students – up to $10,000 annually

Purpose: In honor of Anton Boisen, the founder of CPE, this fund will provide support of up to $1,000 to CECs, Residents and/or Psychotherapy Students to attend the ACPE annual meeting, or, when not meeting, the Community of Practice gathering of their choice.  Support can include meeting registration, hotel/lodging, or transportation costs.

Eligibility: Any current ACPE CEC, Resident, or Spiritually-integrated Psychotherapy student.


ACPE International Fellowships – up to $10,000 annually (Grants Cycle Opens Winter 2022)

Purpose:  ACPE recognizes the significant financial burdens for international students to receive CPE training in the United States. ACPE will support international CEC students for up to $10,000 annually.

Eligibility: Any international student who has been accepted into an ACPE-accredited program.

Other ACPE Foundation Grant Categories Announced Winter 2022

Contact Jasmine Okafor for more information about these funding opportunities.



Frequently Asked Questions for the CEC Ignite Grant Program:

Do we have data around the average CEC stipend?

The last ACPE salary survey showed CEC stipends around $60,000 annually. So, the first year of the grant is not intended to cover all costs that could be associated with the new CEC program.

Will the grant funds be disbursed after a student is approved to be a CEC or once a student is accepted into the program?

Grant funds will be disbursed once a funding decision is made from the Foundation’s grants review committee, and the selected grant recipient indicates that a CEC has been identified.

Can centers that don’t yet have provisional CEC accreditation status or provisional status apply?

A center can apply for the CEC Ignite Grant as long as they are also in the accreditation process. The Foundation’s grants review committee will use their discretion to determine whether or not to award a program that is not fully ready to implement.