Boisen Fun Run Banner

Share how you exercise your self-care by signing up for the virtual Boisen’s Run for Freedom, Wonder, and Liberation.  Whether you run, walk, cycle, or are just in it for the t-shirt….we are encouraging EVERYONE to join in on the fun!  Registration is open now through April 30th

Virtual Run Dates 
May 1st at 9 am ET – May 12th at 12 pm ET

Simply go at your own pace during these dates and log your information on the race website.  Don’t forget to upload your photos to the run site! 

Registration Fee of $35.00 (plus tax and any applicable shipping fees).  
  • This fee includes a logoed t-shirt and a participant number (printable race bib).  Tax, and shipping may, apply.
  • Your registration fee will be processed through “Chalk Talk Sport,” and is separate from the conference registration.
  • The fee payment MAY be considered charitable giving for tax purposes (please consult your personal tax professional for more information).   
  • After the race concludes, the organizations will redirect all proceeds to support Doctors Without Borders.

How to Register

  1. Scroll down the page (don’t be confused by the “Enter Your Time” button).
  2. On the right, select a t-shirt size from the drop down.
  3. Print your own bib on plain white paper.
  4. Check the box to indicate agreement with Race Waiver Terms & Conditions.
  5. Make sure that the Quantity is set to the appropriate amount of run packages.
  6. Click “Sign Up”.
  7. The system will walk you through the purchase/payment process for the shirt/shipping as applicable.
  8. Be sure to print your receipt.
  9. Now, you will be directed to create your Gone for a Run account establishing your own User ID and Passcode, be sure to note this for future log ins. 
  10. Click submit at the end.
  11. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation to retain for your files.

How to Log Your Activities
  1. Scroll down the page.  You will see the header “RESULTS “on the left and an “Enter Your Time” button on the right. Click the “Enter Your Time” button.
  2. Log into your Gone for a Run account.
  3. Come the entire form with the details of your self-care activity – run, walk, exercise, etc.
  4. Click the “Submit Your Race Time” bar at the bottom.
  5. Repeat this for each day/set of self-care activities that you engage in between the open dates and times.
How to Add Photos
  1. Scroll down the page.  You will see three blue buttons on the left.
  2. Select “Share Your Photo”. 
  3. You will be given three options to share a photo with Gone for a Run, which they will in turn share on our conference run page.