Written by Cecelia Walker, Chair, ACPE Board of Directors

I have always enjoyed reading books with wide margins. Recently, Lynnett and I attended the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC). As I have reflected upon the theme: “Making Space for Meaning,” the idea of margins has come to mind. At the opening of each day, there was an acknowledgment that the land on which we were gathered was the occupied/seized territory of Indigenous people. Additionally, we were led into a space of worship by native people and invited to participate in activities that helped us to connect with and appreciate all that the Creator has given. As a person who has been pushed to the margins racially, socially, religiously, and because of my gender in multiple ways and on numerous occasions, it was refreshing to see such incorporation, inclusion, and partnership authentically embraced. The workshops I attended offered valuable information and made space for reflection, interaction, and application.

I rarely find myself in settings where I don’t know most of the people in attendance, but this was the case at the conference. I was invigorated by the opportunities I had to exchange ideas with people with diverse experiences and perspectives from many places across the world. At the end of the conference, my belief that what ACPE strives to offer is needed worldwide was reaffirmed. I am so grateful that you have allowed me to represent our association.

Invitation to the Member Meeting

I would like to personally invite all active members of ACPE to attend the Member Meeting on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 9:00 AM. Reports from the Board, Commissions, and Committees will be given. The meeting will also be broadcast on Zoom. If you are an active association member and will not be present at the conference, I invite you to register here for the virtual broadcast.

As you know, we have been working on our Strategic Plan for quite some time. We have had numerous listening sessions, surveys, and workgroups. The main work of the Board at our Spring meeting will be to vote on the Strategic Plan. It is our intention to present it at 10:45AM following the Member Meeting. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage the work that has been done.

I know many of our members feel pushed to the margins and perhaps beyond, but I want to assure you that your Board has heard you, continues to listen to you, and wants to hear from you. Margins leave room for creativity, challenge, and consultation. When we gather, we will be poised to listen. Because what we have developed will not be perfect, what we will present will have wide margins.

We look forward to your creative ideas, which can strengthen and represent our Association.

We Have So Much to Look Forward To

Going forward, we have much work to do:

· We have in Lynnett Glass an Executive Director who wants to build upon the courageous and meaningful work of the past to move us toward fulfilling our mission and vision. She will need our help.

· As we present the Strategic Plan, I ask that we find ways to blend our talents to bring it to fruition… moving from ideas to implementation and impact.


Blessings Always,

Cecelia Ann Walker
ACPE Board Chair


Rev.Dr.Cecelia Walker is a Certified Educator at The Ingalls Center of Pastoral Ministries in the Baptist Health System. She is currently serving as Chair of the ACPE Board of Directors and can be reached at