A Season of Renewal

Written by Marc Medwed, Interim Executive Director

Spring is in the air, and I feel a unique energy as the winter months soon become distant memories. I look forward to warmer weather, longer days of sunshine, and gathering at our annual conference! Flowers are emerging, blooms are bringing joy and color, and new leaves on the trees are signaling a time of rejuvenation. And, of course, in the many traditions in our lives, most of us will mark this time of year with rituals, festivals, and holidays, helping ground us in what is essential in our lives. 

The emergence of spring is a time for gratitude – on a personal level for having survived another winter and for the ability to embrace the beauty of the season and the hope that springs forth and on a professional level for all that is good within the ACPE that I have seen and experienced as I am coming up on my 10th anniversary here. 

As the Interim Executive Director, I have seen and experienced ACPE’s community and network of volunteers representing the best of who we are and what we do—the work of the association, including the accreditation, certification, ethics, and psychotherapy commissions, the board, and the many committees that meet throughout the year is a large part of what brings the sacred work and mission of ACPE to life. 

In this season of renewal, I want to plant a seed that I hope will take root in the future—ACPE wants and needs all its members to be actively engaged on the national level, in service to the larger association, as our volunteers ensure that ACPE continues to grow and thrive. Soon, we will begin recruiting for various roles within the association—accreditation site team members, National Site Team Chairs, National Faculty members on certification review teams, the Anti-Bias Working Group, and many other committees. I encourage you to reach out when the announcements come out and answer the call! Not sure where you want to volunteer? Connect with staff or other members of leadership at the annual conference! 

I look forward to seeing many of you in Pittsburgh at the conference, to installing Cecilia Walker as our Board Chair, to honoring the recipients of our annual awards, and to celebrating all of you as ACPE members.