New Community of Practice for CPE Program Directors

Our ACPE colleagues, who serve as CPE Program Directors at their clinical sites, are responsible for administering and managing CPE programs. Such persons are invested with a unique and crucial responsibility in their role and the entire clinical ministry movement.

Navigating the changing environment is not easy.

  • Facing the ever-changing clinical culture (caregiving and administrative arms).
  • Recognizing emerging swings and themes of societal norms and movements.
  • Revising CPE curriculum to meet changing ACPE accreditation requirements.
  • Responding to shifting patterns and anomalies of student needs and characteristics.
  • Continuing one’s professional development.

In conversation with brothers and sisters in various regions of our beloved ACPE, a number of us feel moved to extend an invitation to you, CPE program directors, to join a Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP would aim to share and offer mutual support as we joggle (juggling while running) our lives as creatively as possible within the changing environment. 

We invite you to consider joining us.  Whether you see yourself as a new director, an experienced director, or as a solo educator, we think we could all benefit from processing the struggles and successes involved in the work of CPE program directors.

If you would consider being a member of such a new CoP, please contact Wayne McKenney (513-487-6013) and apply to join our newly forming Community of Practice on the ACPE website. Consider being a co-leader of the group as well. No parameters of the CoP are yet decided. We welcome you to participate in the formation of this Community of Practice!



Gordon J Hilsman