A Day of Remembrance

Written by Yoke Lye Kwong


On March 16 this year, it will mark the 3rd anniversary of the Atlanta Spa cold-blooded tragedy that occurred where 6 of 8 victims of Asian descent were killed. The attack had come to symbolize pattern of violence that emerged with the initial outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United States. It continues to haunt the Asian American community today. It will take a village to heal together. Here is a ritual to nourish us to heal with courage and compassion-

Calling forth the energy of Wood,
we release our anger,
we receive the fresh wind of the Spring season.

Calling forth the energy of Fire,
we release joy,
we anticipate the warmth that comes with Summer.

Calling forth the energy of Earth,
we let go our worry,
we welcome rest.

Calling forth the energy of Metal,
we trust the autumn,
we surrender our grief.

Calling forth the energy of Winter,
we embrace courage,
we befriend our fears.

May our communal spirit be harmonious to embrace each other, invoking the flow of love and healing.

With Bowing/Amen/So shall it be.

By Yoke Lye Kwong,
Certified Educator

* In Asian spirituality, the sacredness in the five elements (wood, earth, water, fire, metal) is also known as Five Transformations of Energy that heals traumatic memories and wounds.

Dr. Yoke Lye Kwong, D.Min. BCC is an ACPE Certified Educator and the Director Clinical Pastoral Education at Christus Health in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dr. Yoke Lye Kwong can be reached at revyokelye@gmail.com