Accreditation Updates- Outcomes and Indicators

Written by Katy Wilcox, Accreditation Commission Chair

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I am excited to share that over 150 Certified Educators and CECs are participating in the current round of cohort implementation groups. The feedback from so many is that these are helpful and supportive opportunities to engage with colleagues and that the time together is valuable. Thank you to all our colleagues who stepped up to facilitate these groups! 

Related to the Outcomes and Indicators, I am pleased to share that, based on feedback we received expressing this need, we have numbered the Revised Outcomes and Indicators in the accreditation manual so that they will be easier to reference. There was much discussion among several groups about how to number them. We ultimately decided to use the level (IA, IB, IIA, IIB) followed by a number (1, 2, 3…), with the indicators being numbered sequentially across all categories. This way, it is easy to identify the level and start the numbering with Category A. This methodology was chosen so that there is a unique number assigned to each indicator for each level. You can view the numbering system on the pages in the manual for the Revised Outcomes and Indicators


Portfolio Review Process for 2024 

As you are all aware, we have had multiple processes for the required yearly portfolio reviews since the adoption of the current accreditation process in 2020. I am writing to share why it has evolved, and that we will once again initiate a new portfolio review process for this year. The commission sees it as the process we will use going forward.  


When we started the current accreditation process in 2020, it was important to the commission to provide opportunities, support, and expectations for programs in building out the initial portfolios. The reviews were designed to ensure that programs were able to build their portfolios and hopefully were able to receive consultation from commissioners and colleagues and think together about their educational programs and the ways in which portfolios could be built to demonstrate how CPE is done in their individual shops. 


As we are more than halfway through our first cycle of six-year reviews and programs have demonstrated portfolios being completed and in compliance, the commission sees the opportunity to do the yearly check-in requirement differently now with programs doing their own annual check-in. Thus, our new portfolio review process was developed. Starting this year, we will utilize an online form for programs to complete. The form will ask you a series of questions designed to verify that you have reviewed your portfolio items and made updates where needed. The form will also give you an opportunity to identify any concerns related to compliance with standards. Once the form is received by the due date, your assigned commissioner will be able to review the forms to note any areas that were self-reported as not having been updated or areas of concern from a program. The commissioner will reach out to the ACPE Certified Educator in support of addressing compliance concerns. The review process is designed to serve as a reminder for reviewing and making updates, provide opportunity to self-report, and serve as a mechanism to seek consultation or support. It will meet the requirement for an annual check-in. 


The form will be due for submission each year on March 1. As this is new for this year, the form is now open, and the commission will be extending the due date to June 1 for any programs that need additional time. As has been our practice in the past, if your program is having a six-year review or a provisional to accredited program review, you do not need to complete the annual portfolio review form during the year of the review. To access the form, click on or paste this link into your browser. You will need to be logged in to your account to access the form. 


It is our belief that this new review process will streamline both the work of the program and the work of the commission. Please reach out to your assigned commissioner if you have any questions. 


Katy Wilcox, Accreditation Commission Chair 

Katy Wilcox is a Certified Educator at The Jed Center for Spiritual Care and Education. She is currently serving as Chair of the Accreditation Commission. She can be reached at