Accreditation Commission – National Site Team Chairs (NSTC) Needed for 6-Year Reviews

Written by Randy Hall, Accreditation Commission Chair

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Randy smiling at cameraThe Accreditation Commission is in search of Certified Educators willing to serve as NSTCs for Six-year Reviews starting in 2023. The NSTC model has served ACPE well and is a key element in the relational model of accreditation that fosters mutual accountability. The NSTC leads a team, with at least one other CE and a practitioner in the field of spiritual care, to provide consultation for the variety of the CPE programs in ACPE. The team also guides programs to both the common and unique indicators for how a program demonstrates compliance with ACPE Standards.

Qualifications for a Certified Educator to become an NSTC are:

  • Experience in ACPE Accreditation as faculty of an accredited program and familiar with the 2020 Accreditation Manual. 
  • Participated at least twice as a site team member within the last five years, or has served as a portfolio reviewer for the annual Standard Deep Dive, or have experience in preparing for and having a review in the program where you were the CE.
  • Availability to do 2 to 4 Six-Year reviews a year.
  • Of course, if you have been an NSTC, on the accreditation commission, or on a regional accreditation committee in the past under previous Accreditation Manuals, we will be glad to welcome you back and catch you up on the 2020 Accreditation Manual process.
  • Willing to attend consistently to a one-hour last Thursday of the month ZOOM meeting of NSTCs for ongoing resources and support for the review work.

Several of our current NSTCs are retired educators and have found the reviews a significant opportunity to stay connected to ACPE. The NSTCs are paid a stipend for each visit.

Please contact Katy or Randy if you need further information or are willing to sign up. Once we have a group, we will schedule a training session.


Randy Hall, Chair Accreditation Commission

Katy Wilcox, Chair-Elect Accreditation Commission