Original Psalm from Mark Glazener

Written by Mark Glazener

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1O Lord, my abiding Shepherd, answer me when I call on you.

2From the depths of my distress, I cry out to you.

3Have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.


4From a young age, I have been taught that you are closer than a whisper, and yet I feel in this moment that you are further than a distant galaxy.

5I have poured out my heart to you time and time again, and now I am completely and utterly exhausted.

6My head and heart ache from my unending worry and anxiety.

7I am constantly tormented and taunted by the enemy who holds up my troubles and failures before me.

8How long will you let your servant suffer like this?

9I have given so much, and you have taken even more.

10How much longer before you give me relief from my losses?

11I am surrounded by many on every side, and yet I feel so alone.

12When will you come to my rescue and make me feel whole again?


13And now, of all times, you place this person, this stranger before me.

14What can I offer when all I have and all that I am is used up?

15I am like an empty vessel that has been poured out and left in the scorching heat.

16What possible use can I be to this one in my presence?

17My words are empty and my thoughts are distracted.

18My strength and my will cannot stand under the weight that oppresses me.

19How can you choose me, my Lord, to speak and to care on your behalf?


20And yet, despite my woes, I believe in your faithfulness, Lord.

21I trust in your everlasting goodness and providence.

22Your knowledge and wisdom are endless; your might and strength are limitless.

23You, my Rock and my Redeemer, hear when your servant speaks to you.

24You are everywhere acting on behalf of the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit.

25Know, my heart, that the Living One is here now and his ears are attending to you.

26Stop struggling, soul, be at peace, and wait upon your Deliverer.


27My God, bring your servant up from the pit of depression and show him your favor once again.

28Uplift my soul and refresh my spirit by your astounding grace.

29Be my strength, my shield, my comforter.

30Set me back on the path of truth and righteousness, and let me experience the joy of your presence once again.

31Fill me with your holy wisdom and words of life that I may share them in all of their strength and beauty.

32Turn my eyes from my own grief and pain outward that I may see this one’s.

33Let your face be all I see when in the presence of this, your beloved child before me.

34Use what little I have to bring for your almighty purposes.

35From my wounds, create a balm of blessing and comfort for this stranger in my midst.


36Lord, you are good and gracious in all things.

37Your mercies are never-ending from age to age.

38Your holy hand delivers those broken by the sin and sickness of this world.

39You pour down endless love and compassion like the refreshing rains to quench our spirit’s thirst.

40 There is no one like you and no one deserving of our unceasing worship.

41Join the petitions of my heart with the pleadings of my sibling in Christ. Accept the praise we bring before you, and hear our prayer.



Mark Glazener recently completed his first unit of CPE at Baylor Scott & White Hospital and McClane Children's Hospital in Temple, Texas. He can be reached at glazeners@bellsouth.net.