An Update of the ACPE-APC Implementation Process

In September, the four workgroups of the Implementation Process met with the Steering Committee to clarify roles, tasks, and next steps. The Steering Committee is comprised of the following people:

  • ACPE:
    • Melissa Walker-Luckett, ACPE Board Chair
    • Shawn Mai, ACPE Board Chair-elect
    • Linda Wilkerson, ACPE Secretary/Treasurer
    • Dagmar Grefe, ACPE Foundation Chair
    • Pam Lazor, ACPE former Accreditation Chair
    • Trace Haythorn, ACPE Staff
  • APC:
    • Jon Overvold, APC Board President
    • Jeffery Garland, APC Board President-elect
    • John Simon, APC Treasurer
    • Mark LaRocca-Pitts, APC Secretary
    • Jana Troutman-Miller, BCCI Representative
    • Pat Appelhans, APC Staff

Four subcommittees have been formed, each with a convener and staff support:

Governance and Organizational Design: Bylaws, board and community governance, articles of incorporation, corporate structure, Board and Officer selection process, designation of which will be the surviving organization, CEO selection process and effective date of merger:

  • Jon Overvold (APC), Convener
  • Doug Stewart (APC)
  • Amy Greene (ACPE)
  • Malu Fairley-Collins (ACPE)
  • Staff: Trace Haythorn (ACPE), John Roch (ACPE), Pat Appelhans (APC)

Finance: Finances, fiscal year, and principles for crafting due’s structure, budget for new organization, staff severance packages, representations and warranties of each party regarding taxes, claims against the organization and outstanding contracts

  • Kimberly Willis (ACPE), Convener
  • Mishca Smith (ACPE)
  • John Simon (APC)
  • Darryl Owens (APC)
  • Staff: Pat Appelhans (APC), Carol Pape (APC), Marc Medwed (ACPE), Jennifer Rochner (ACPE)

Facilities and branding: Location of office(s), facilities, and branding/naming process

  • Jana Troutman-Miller (APC), Convener
  • Jeffery Garland (APC)
  • Claire Bamberg (ACPE)
  • Roosevelt Brown (ACPE)
  • Staff: Trace Haythorn (ACPE), John Roch (ACPE), Pat Appelhans (APC), Kyle Christiansen (APC)

Organizational Culture: Cultural integration and meeting models

  • Tammerie Day (ACPE), Convener
  • Danielle Buhuro (ACPE)
  • Margie Atkinson (APC)
  • Stacy Auld (APC)
  • Staff: Pat Appelhans (APC), Jerry Chiappetta (APC), Marc Medwed (ACPE), Terry Izaguirre (ACPE)

Each subcommittee has met and addressed the following:

  • Introductions and initial relationship building
  • Clarifying the scope of the subcommittee
  • Identifying and prioritizing which tasks must be completed by December 15, 2021 (allowing time for legal review and member notification ahead of an April 2022 vote)
  • Assign subcommittee roles, including convenor, scribe, or other relevant roles
  • Determine how the subcommittee will work together, including meeting cadence, communication methods, document sharing/storage, task tracking, subcommittee meeting notes, etc.
  • Note any information or resources needed to aid the subcommittee in getting started

In addition, contact has been made with respective legal counsel as well as marketing/branding support. No formal decisions have been made, but subcommittee conveners will be reporting to the steering committee in late October about current progress. The Steering Committee will report out to membership as input is sought and decisions are made.

Please thank those who are giving so much time, thought, and heart to this process. Please send your questions or comments to ACPE at or APC at