ACPE Annual Elections happening this Fall

Written by Shawn Mai, Chair, Leadership Development Committee

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The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) would like to share the open positions for ACPE’s annual elections. While we know changes may lie ahead depending on how members vote about the proposal to consolidate our work with APC, we will continue to do the work of ACPE as we have until new forms call for different structures.

Applications for this election are now closed. Thank you to all that applied. The official slate for the 2021 ACPE Leadership Election will be published on October 15th, 2021.

  • Board of Directors:
    • Chair Elect (on position)
    • Secretary/Treasurer (one position fulfilling two roles)
    • Director (2 positions open)
  • Foundation Board of Directors:
    • Annual Campaign Chair
    • Director
  • Accreditation:
    • Commissioner (4 positions)
    • Public member (1 position)
  • Certification:
    • Commissioner (5 positions)
  • Professional Ethics:
    • Chair Elect (1 position)
  • Psychotherapy Commission:
    • Chair Elect (1 position)
    • Commissioner (3 positions)
  • Finance and Audit Committee:
    • Member (1 position)
    • [Note: the Secretary/Treasurer chairs this committee]
  • Leadership Development Committee:
    • Member (2 positions)
    • [Note: the Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors chairs this committee]

In addition to these elected positions, there are also several committees to which the board makes appointments. The committees provide opportunities for members who have interests in specific areas to develop their leadership skills and dive more deeply into work that can impact the whole association. They are as follows:

  • Advocacy:
    • Chair (1 position)
    • Chair Elect (1 position)
    • Member (3 positions)
  • Curriculum/Educational Resources:
    • Chair Elect (1 position)
    • Member (3 positions)
  • International Relations:
    • Member (2 positions)
  • Professional Well-Being:
    • Chair Elect (1 position)
    • Member (3 positions)
  • Research:
    • Chair Elect (1 position)
    • Member (3 positions)

If you have questions about elections or would like more specific information about a committee, commission, or board, please reach out directly to members of those groups, review their descriptions in our governance manual, or contact a member of the Leadership Development Committee.

Important Election Dates

  • Close Nominations Date- October 1
  • Slate Published Date- October 15
  • Polls Open Date- October 20
  • Polls Close Date- November 3

ACPE Certified Educator Shawn Mai is the Chair of the Leadership Development Committee and he can be reached at