A New Day Dawns

A reflection and celebration of the official gathering of the AAPI Community of Practice.

Two persons care,
Four persons dare,
And ten will come along.
A million strong on a simple song,
soon the whole world sings along,
and a new day dawns.

Out there on your own,
know that you are not alone.
Look around and see
Signs of solidarity. 


The Kanji or / and Chinese character (four strokes at the top) is reflective of the meanings of two by two journeying together. The Haiku poem is a form of Japanese poetry. This poem is adapted from the work of Sr. MT Winter. 

Dr. Yoke Lye Kwong, D.Min. BCC is an ACPE Certified Educator and the Director Clinical Pastoral Education at Christus Health in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dr. Yoke Lye Kwong can be reached at yokelye.kwong@christushealth.org.