Mission Advance Program (MAP) Fund for Innovative Pastoral Counseling/Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Projects

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The Foundation for ACPE announces that the 2020 Mission Advance Program (MAP) Fund grants cycle is now open!

 Funded by disbursements from the MAP Endowment Fund as in accordance with the Foundation for ACPE’s financial policy, MAP funding supports ACPE Psychotherapist and Practitioner members in the fulfillment of ACPE’s mission. Specifically, these projects help to advance and raise awareness of Pastoral Counseling/Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy.

This year, up to $15,000 is available in funding. Interested applicants should submit their materials by November 1, 2020.  CLICK HERE to submit an application.

The Foundation for ACPE Board will approve funding based on the MAP Fund Advisory Committee’s recommendations. Award recipient(s) will be notified no later than December 15, 2020, and funds will be disbursed in the first quarter of 2021.

Guidelines for MAP Fund Projects

  1. Funded projects will have goals demonstrably consistent with the mission/vision/values of ACPE, with particular emphasis on the ACPE Psychotherapy division’s mission and vision.  
  2. The project should lead to an advance in awareness and open new avenues of development for Pastoral Counseling/Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (PC/SIP).  Examples include:
    • Increased awareness by religious bodies of the mission, social concern, scope, and insights of PC/SIP,
    • Increased awareness across the spectrum of service/helping professions of the nature, capability, and availability of PC/SIP,
    • Increased awareness by the general public of PC/SIP.
  3. The project should contribute to the recruitment and/or development of pastoral counselors, spiritually integrated psychotherapists, and/or other psychotherapists and mental health professionals.
  4. The project should address how it is functionally and operationally sustainable and/or leads to a plan that is financially sustainable.  Proposals should indicate the specific uses for which the funds are sought and how the funds are to be administratively managed.
  5. Strong consideration will be given to projects that are cost-effective, and demonstrate a funding commitment from multiple sources (i.e. the Foundation for ACPE MAP Fund is not the only entity from which you are requesting funding).
  6. Funding requests should not exceed $15,000, and should be for "seed money," not ongoing operating funds. Grant funds are awarded for one year. Projects may apply for and potentially receive funds annually for no more than three consecutive years. Proposals should indicate the specific uses for which the funds are sought and how the funds are to be administratively managed. 
  7. Funds will not be authorized for construction or durable hardware (such as computers).
  8. MAP Grantee Responsibility.  If awarded a MAP grant, the grantee agrees to abide by the following responsibilities:
    • Provide the MAP Fund Advisory Committee with interim and annual reports on the project.
    • Provide financial information that reflects actual disbursements against the proposed grant budget, including reporting any other sources of revenue.
    • Provide evaluation of the project following the provided grant report form, and including the sustainability of replicating the project in other settings.
CLICK HERE to submit an application by November 1, 2020!