For your professional ethics edification…

Written by Professional Ethics Commission

Once a month the Professional Ethics Commission (PEC) posts a couple of statements from our Code of Professional Ethics for ACPE Members. Each posting is accompanied by a brief personal reflection from a member of the PEC discussing some ways this person lives these commitments*. September’s statements are:

4. In collegial relationships, ACPE members:

  1. respect the integrity and welfare of colleagues; maintain professional relationships on a professional basis, refraining from disparagement and avoiding emotional, sexual or any other kind of exploitation.
  2. take collegial and responsible action when concerns about incompetence, impairment, or misconduct arise.

Rev. Dr. Karl Van Harn, ACPE Certified Educator from Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, comments:

I care about my ACPE colleagues, and expect they will care about me. I want to develop good relationships with CPE members in my geographical area, communities of practice, and national association. In almost every conversation I have with a colleague, I gain some wisdom, support, new perspective, or challenge. I am a better educator because of them. They encourage me with their compassion, experiences, and guidance, all shared to help fulfill our common purposes. I hope these relationships develop to the point where if colleagues have a concern about me, they will tell me—also for the sake of our students to whom we are ultimately accountable. I hope to offer the same for them, too. These ethical statements remind me to keep nurturing my relationships with fellow ACPE members, so that such mutual giving and receiving, for the sake of our better selves and our students, will continue to flow.

*Every situation is unique, and any member should not take action based solely on the comments in the article but to base action on an independent review of the ethical standards applicable to his/her situation.