Learn About ACPE's Tech Upgrades

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After almost 25 years, ACPE upgraded its database. Last night, ACPE launched Nimble AMS built on Salesforce. In conjunction with the launch of the new database, ACPE also introduced a new website (a necessary move because the website is built on the database). You can still find us at www.acpe.edu. Check out our new look!

A few years ago, ACPE launched SharePoint to improve efficiencies and affordability of its accreditation and certification processes, and increase opportunities for members to collaborate virtually. About 16 months ago, ACPE began searching for a modern database because it is committed to securing dynamic, affordable resources for its members and students. For the last year, ACPE’s team has been working diligently to design, build, and deploy this new resource.


With ACPE’s new resources and growing need for an online presence and collaboration, the website and SharePoint will serve different functions.


The ACPE website’s (www.acpe.edu) purposes are to:

  • Promote the importance of spiritual care and education,
  • Emphasize the value of ACPE’s rigorous accreditation process,
  • Highlight the benefits of CPE Educator and SIP certifications,
  • Increase enrollment in ACPE’s centers and continuing education events,
  • Advance collaboration with international partners,
  • Encourage donor and member engagement with ACPE’s foundation

ACPE members and students will still visit the website for:

  • Member Directories
  • CPE unit enrollment
  • CPE unit registration
  • Dues and Donations
  • Transcripts
  • Event registration
  • Expense Reimbursement


SharePoint (https://acpeincatl.sharepoint.com/sites/MembersHome), a member only benefit, will serve as ACPE member’s primary source for information and resources. ACPE is expanding the resources housed in SharePoint to facilitate further collaboration and community, including:

  • CPE Educator Certification Portfolios, Resources & Forms
  • CPE Center Accreditation Portfolios, Resources & Forms
  • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Curriculum, Resources & Forms
  • Communities of Practice Collaboration, Resources & Forms
  • Online Learning & Educational Resources
  • ACPE Email (@acpe.edu)
  • Online Microsoft Office Suite

Usernames and Passwords

ACPE members now have separate usernames and passwords for the website and SharePoint.


For the ACPE website (www.acpe.edu), members and students sign-in using their primary email on their account. It is most likely your work or personal email. If it is your first visit to the new website, use the password reset feature to acquire your new password.


For SharePoint (https://acpeincatl.sharepoint.com/sites/MembersHome), members sign-in with their “@acpe.edu” email address. If you have not already reset your SharePoint password, please follow these instructions.


New resources introduce new processes and change. ACPE thanks you for your patience and flexibility, especially during these exceptionally challenging times. With these technological upgrades, ACPE will continue to set the standard for spiritual care and education. During the changes, the ACPE staff will support you over the next several weeks and gather your feedback for continued improvements.