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The Pastoral Care Specialist (PCS) Training Program is a new curriculum developed by the Psychotherapy Commission of ACPE and provides the knowledge and skills pastoral caregivers in churches and faith communities need to help others effectively, ethically, and safely. The training is also applicable to pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, and chaplains who work in community health and private practice settings. 

The training is specifically designed for pastors and church caregivers and includes 48 hours of live online group training over a 16-week period. Topics include: 

  • Ethics of Pastoral Care and Counseling 

  • Marriage and Family Issues in Systemic Perspective 

  • Spiritual Assessment and Diagnosis 

  • Harmful Spirituality and Spiritual Struggles 

  • Listening in the Service of Healing 

  • Grief, Loss, and Resilience 

  • Mental Health and the Role of the Faith Community 

  • Understanding and Responding Effectively to Domestic Violence 

  • Trauma-Informed Spiritual Care 

  • Substance Abuse, Addiction, and the Role of the Faith Community 

The standard fee is $600 although individual programs may offer scholarships or payment plans.

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    Behike Lisa Nyabinghi, PsyD

    Abundant Healing Pastoral Counseling

    Lisa Nyabinghi is an Indigenous Pastoral Counselor in private practice at Abundant Healing Pastoral Counseling in Brunswick, Georgia. She has been an active tribal member of Yaya Guaili Ara Taino Yukayeke for over 9 years and is currently the Behike, Spiritual Leader. Her passion is to bridge the gap between mainstream theological foundations and Indigenous spirituality, in a way that is both meaningful and enriching to all involved. The first program is dedicated to indigenous spiritual leaders who have a passion to establish connections across borders and create pathways of understanding with other communities. Graduation will be in person hopefully with a comprehensive indigenous ceremony for all participants