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Psyche and Solace: Jung and the Care of Souls in a Time of Toxic Political, Corporate, and Cultural Threats

We live in a pandemic-darkened and populist-darkened era where major economic, political, and many cultural institutions are engulfed by a corporatized, racist, misogynist, greed-based, and wealth-hoarding mission. Many of our individual clinical practices are embedded in such tainted structures. All of us are absorbed in often harmful, preconscious racial and cultural assumptions that distort our healing intentions and interactions.

Nonetheless, the Care of Souls paradigm is at the root of our shared clinical ministries. It is a Deep-Soul, Deep-Earth vision profoundly opposed to the transgressive forces that have subverted much of our global, economic, political, and psychospiritual culture.

Drawing from Jungian psychology, this three-hour workshop will engage a variety of theoretical, clinical, and arts vignettes to amplify the Care of Soul narrative and will also provide small group interactive time. Participants will consider and explore:


  • The living history of the Care of Souls tradition
  • How the vibrant Care of Souls tradition can be recovered in our bodies and psyches, as well as the communal bodies with which we work?
  • How the Care of Souls tradition can rejuvenate personal healing in our own wounded healer lives?
  • How Care of Souls practice can help heal the badly broken political, cultural, and ecological commons of Mother Earth.


You can take a step and touch the earth in such a way that you establish yourself in the present moment; you will arrive in the here and the now. You don’t need to make any effort at all. Your foot touches the earth mindfully, and you arrive firmly in the here and the now. And suddenly you are free—free from all projects, all worries, all expectations. You are fully present, fully alive, and you are touching the earth.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Who Should Attend
Mental Health Professionals