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The Conference Workshop selections will be offered more than once whenever possible, allowing attendees the benefit of the programs they are most interested in. Our works will include titles as follows:

  • Breaking down Barriers to Access Palliative Spiritual Care Education
  • The Role of Chaplains in Liberating Medicine from its Legacy of Systemic Racism in the Era of Covid-19
  • El Idioma:  Dolor y Esperanza/Language:  Grief and Hope
  • Arts and Resiliency Informed Supervision
  • In Thought, Word and Deed:  Anti-Racism as Spiritual Practice
  • Historic Trauma, Implicit Bias and CPE Strategies in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Native American Communities
  • Lift Every Voice and Teach:  Including African American Voices in CPE Curriculum Development
  • Reviving the Breath of Life:  The Lament as Restorative Therapy
  • Caring for the Souls of Black Folk:  Narrative Spirituality and Care as a Response to Racial Trauma
  • The Culture of Spirituality and Religion
  • “Let America Be America Again”:  Exploring the Relationship between Psychological Ambivalence and Social Oppression

Continuing Education info coming soon. Contact Ruth McPhail Ubaldo with questions.