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Thank you for giving of your time, expertise and especially of yourself to the ACPE Annual Conference 2021 program. We do hope that the following information is helpful to you.  If you do not find the necessary information within these resources, please feel free to contact us at  


Complimentary Registration

Dear friends,

Recent training of catalysts for our conference has reminded us that engaging anti-racism education and organizing entails significant emotional labor from Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI and other people of color, particularly in educational settings with white colleagues. Therefore, the Anti-Bias Task Group has requested that ACPE conference registration fees for BIPOC Catalysts and presenters be refunded or waived, in recognition of the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll of this labor to address systemic oppressions that impact these persons and their communities.

We appreciate all our volunteers and look forward to engaging with everyone at the conference.

With deep appreciation and respect,

The Anti-Bias Task Force
Danielle Buhuro, Chair
Tammerie Day
Malu Fairley-Collins
Melissa Lemons
Mary Martha Thiel
Michael Washington


SPEAKER GUIDE  Review the Speaker Guide to learn more about presenting within the Cvent Virtual Platform.
SPEAKER TRAINING POWER POINT  Review this power point presentation from the recent ACPE/Cvent Speaker/Presenter Training.