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In follow up to the ACPE 2021 Annual Conference,
et’s continue the conversation…

No advanced registration is required.   Annual Conference registration is not required.

Please check with the respective CoP chair to obtain complimentary zoom access.

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FRIDAY, May 21, 2021, 1:30 PM ET – 3:30 PM ET

Theological Reflection CoP

Members of the Community of Practice for Theological Reflection gather every other month to learn about doing theological reflection (TR) in our CPE centers. Out of a common concern for sustaining and improving TR as a vital component of CPE, we share ideas about practices of TR. We focus on being a community of theological reflectors who learn together about the content and the pedagogy of theological reflection in the context of the praxis of ministry. We share resources, ideas, success and failures in doing the work of TR. We did stop meeting during 2020 due to the strain of COVID, but we have re-started our CoP in March 2021.

East Central CoP, EC-Mega, EC-Large

Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis CoP covers Arizona and New Mexico.  We have eight members.  We meet  quarterly.  We have added meetings for Peer Review.  We have used our regular meetings to check in with each other and for consultation regarding our supervision of students or professional growth issues.  Our intention for meeting at the Annual Conference is to check in with each other, to support one another in personal and professional issues raised by Plenary Sessions, workshops and engagement with peers outside of our CoP. 

Eastern Area CoP

The Eastern Area CoP is a community of ACPE Certified Educators and Educator Candidates geographically located within and/or connected to the former Eastern Region of ACPE. We gather together to deepen community, collegiality and professional practice through case presentations, panel discussions and large and small group conversations on topics pertinent to the CPE community.”

During the annual conference we plan to take up Michael Washington’s invitation to further reflect on “how dynamics of bias in general, and racism in particular, intersect with the practice focus of your community” and to explore “next steps in living out ACPE’s commitment to become an anti-bias and anti-racist organization.

Catholic CoP

Veteran’s Affairs

The VA CoP is a network of Clinical Pastoral Educators and spiritual care givers whose current praxis or desired praxis is in the Department of Veteran Affairs.  This group engages around Veteran as a special emphasis group and the creative, innovative ways of educating, reflecting, empowering, and growing in this distinctive organization.  The VA CoP also elucidate the unique organizational and administrative requirements of VA CPE. 

Volunteer Voices

The Volunteer Voices CoP is made up of the CEs from all around the great state of TN.  We gather monthly to discuss current programs and issues as well as to present our work and receive feedback.  We also provide support for one another via Peer Reviews, Consultation Committees, CE CPE interviews, and didactics.  We plan to gather virtually on the last day of the ACPE Annual Conference to engage in dialogue on what we have learned and how we can integrate our learning into our various CPE curriculum.  

WEDNESDAY, June 16, 2021, 3:00 PM CT

Central States Consortium

The Central States Consortia is a group of active and retired ACPE Certified Educators who meet on a quarterly basis to share in fellowship and learn together in the practice of ACPE education.  Each year, the CoP hosts a learning seminar on a topic pertinent to our work in spiritual care education.  We are planning for a virtual meeting in the fall 2021.  Our focus of membership is in the central region of the US and would welcome anyone to our fellowship. Our leadership is shared; a different member hosts each meeting. Robert (Bob) Green has the responsibility to set up our meetings in 2021.  Please contact him for our meeting dates and to get added to the email distribution list.