International CPE CoP Retreat

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Dec. 2- 4, 2022 

Space is very limited, register here now!


Location:  Mustang Island Episcopal Conference Center

+ A Ministry of Hospitality +
PO Box 130 • 6981 State Highway 361
Port Aransas, TX 78383

By registering for the event with ACPE, you are also securing your guest room for lodging.

Any questions:  Please contact Lee Ann Rathbun (512) 324-2120


Objectives for our time together:

●  Meet up for fellowship and getting to know each other better in person and also with those joining virtually

●  Engaging in cultural immersive experiences or rituals together; have folks from different cultural origins lead us in participating in an experience or ritual from their culture

●  Share teaching and educational resources to help build more diverse resources for CPE

●  Share stories of CoP members’ experiences as CPE students in the US– Learning from these to enhance our practice in N. America

●  Learn from each other’s practices to create/engender a CPE model that is most conducive for learning for students from cultures outside of the dominant N. American culture

●  Fun exploration of “What if Anton Boisen had been from another country? What would CPE be like?

●  What are our hopes for this CoP and our contribution to ACPE?



Friday, Dec. 2nd

4:00-6:00pm     Check in

6:00pm              Dinner

7:30-9:30pm     Call to Community– Michael Hertz

                            Check-Ins/Cultural Immersion Ritual– Satoe Soga


Saturday, Dec. 3rd

8:00am             Breakfast

8:30-9:00am     Devotional/Reflection– Ron Lovelace

9:00-10:30am   Cultural Imagination: What if Anton Boisen Had Been From Abroad/an International Context?-- Cal                                          Brand/Sunghee Han/Gerishon Kirika

10:3-10:45am   Break

10:45-12:00pmCultural Background for CPE in Kenya/Group Discussion– Gladys Muchoki /Gerishon Kirika/Joseph Mothali

12:00pm            Lunch

1:00-2:30pm     Cultural Immersion Practice for CPE: Kintsugi– Sunghee Han

2:30-6:00pm     Free Time

6:00pm              Dinner

7:30-9:00pm     Group Time/Sharing Stories: or Songlines: What Are the Sacred Touchstones and Experiences That
                            Guide Our Work in CPE? – Michael Hertz /Ted Hodge


Sunday, Dec. 4th

8:00am             Breakfast

9:00-10:00am  Devotional/Worship– Frank Macht

10:00am            Break

10:30-12:00pm Hopes/Plans for Our CoP & ACPE– Alan Abrams /Lee Ann Rathbun

12:00pm           Lunch




Registration Fees:

$15.00 for ACPE Members (Includes lodging, 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts for in-person participants) 

$110.00 for Guest/Spouse (Includes shared lodging and all six meals)

No Charge for Virtual Participation (Links will be shared prior to event)