ACPE Accreditation Dates


Here are some interesting facts that will help you hit the mark:

• Your accreditation review date never changes – your review in a particular year may be postponed by applying to the Accreditation Commission for a postponement, showing good cause and having your regional accreditation chair support your request; however, this does not change the date for your center's next review. Example: If you receive a postponement for your full review or your five year review from 2008 to 2009, your next reviews are still due five or ten years after the original date of 2008.

• If you believe your accreditation date as reflected on the list below is not correct, please contact the Accreditation Manager to register your concern.

• Candidacy or accredited centers may request postponement of scheduled accreditation review when one of the following circumstances has occurred:

  • center without ACPE accredited supervisor during year the five-year or ten-year review is due; limit one one-year postponement. The center may not admit students, continue a program in progress or offer an ACPE CPE program(s) in the absence of an Associate Supervisor or ACPE Supervisor employed by or contracted to the center to conduct ACPE CPE programs.
  • center employed or contracted with the supervisor responsible for center during the year the review is due.

• Candidacy centers who request postponement for good cause are not charged a fee. They are in a pre-accreditation stage and are not treated like fully accredited centers in this regard. In the case of candidacy centers, the next review date is the one by which the center needs to request a postponement or request movement to accredited center status.

• A postponement is not necessary if the review is taking place late in the year and will carry over into the next year. The review date is the date the process of review begins.

• For other important aspects of requesting a postponement, please consult the Accreditation Manual 2010.


Centers Currently Accredited by ACPE with next review date